Oh, the places you'll go!
Travel vision board
travel dreams
travel vision board
» This is the first step to visualizing the travel of your dreams «
Do you want more travel in your life?Dreaming of travel?

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Hi, I am Larissa, travel muse and creator of this online workshop. What kind of travel do you enjoy? Are you looking to travel more?  Do you have travel plans that have been sitting on the back burner for too long?
I created the Travel Vision Board as an online workshop we can do together - to start visualizing and focusing on your travel goals.  I can almost guarantee that you'll start to see those travel opportunities around every corner!  Check out the video below to see what a travel vision board is about. 
I was born at the World's Fair with wanderlust in my viens.  One of my super powers is manifesting travel and I think travel is a great way of self-development. Looking forward to you joining me!  
Travel More, Travel Deeper
I felt motivated and energized through the experience, even today a few weeks later, still getting reminders when you are stuck in the rote routine of life, there is a tendency to put your dreams, your wanderlust on hold.  It is a reminder, no it’s not secondary, it should be a part of your every day.

‘You unblocked me’  
It motivated me to get what I want out of life.

Made all my thoughts and goals really visual.

In a visual way, it changed the way I perceive, now I can see it. 
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